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In 29th august I was like that.

I was not happy, didn't feel well, and I struggled with a diagnosis of a brain tumor. All my life I have been gaining and losing weight, and I am sooooo tired of it. It is not difficult for me to make a strict diet, but I already know I could not maintain the results.
I thought that it will be better for a brain tumor and health in general, if I could lose some weight. But I am a "professional" in dieting, always thinking "when will this stop and I can eat a huge ice cream!?" And if the problems grow, and covid-19 has a large part of it, (had to stop going to the gym), how do you fill that void ? With food, certainly.

The only diet that had worked for me for a reasonable time was "The South Beach Diet", and mainly because it has recipes, goals, says wise things......but many ot the products were impossible to find in Portugal, and I only function with kilograms....

And I found PERFECTBODY.ME. And understood it could work with me because in the kitchen I need to be told what to do, the amount of stuff I can use, and the recipes are really simple to do.
I started 28th august, and was a little difficult to manage the new names of some foods (what do they mean in portuguese?); some of them I don't recognize at all.
But step by step I could do one-two meals a day, and try to eat fruit or yogurt in the middle of the morning/afternoon.

I lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks, and 2 more next week. I could feel the food being good for my body, I stopped having joint pain and I love what I eat! I love seeds, quinoa, lentils, vegetables... Two months after I started I have lost 24 lbs; 35 lbs by the 13th week. A little more than 5 months passed and I lost 53 lbs.

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